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PSA to our LSAs – April 2022


Welcome to our first edition of PSA for our LSAs! Get it??? Public Service Announcement/Precision Signing Agency. A little play on words to kick off your weekend. We wanted a space where we could connect and provide monthly updates, tips, tricks, and announcements as it relates to Precision Signing Agency.
First, a big THANK YOU! We want you to know that you are appreciated and valued. We love building relationships and are diligently growing our nationwide network of preferred LSAs. A great way to become preferred with us (or any signing service really) is to create VALUE.
What does value look like to Precision Signing Agency?
  • Are you responsive and accept assignments quickly?
  • Are you kind? Are you someone that brings great energy into a room?
  • Do you call the borrower(s) within 2 hours of receiving the appointment and update the status in SigningOrder?
  • Are you printing out the Order Contact & Order Detail Sheet to bring with you to your appointments so you have the contact details and special instructions handy?
  • Are you actually reading the Precision Signing Agency Signing Agent Instructions? These are specifically tailored to EACH client.
  • Are you arriving professionally dressed (i.e. minimum business casual)?
  • Are you walking the borrower(s) through the documents and not rushing to your next appointment?
  • Do you TRIPLE check your work and check for missed dates, initials, signatures, stamps, etc?
    • once while they are signing
    • again while they are filling out your notary log book
    • again while you upload scanbacks
  • Are your scans returned within 2 hours of the signing, when possible?
  • Are your packages making SAME DAY dropThis is imperative for ALL purchase/buyer packages, investment properties, second homes, etc
As the real estate market has shifted and we are seeing fewer refinance packages, making sure to drop packages same day, before last pick-up from FedEx or UPS is very important to our clients so the packages fund on time.
A special note regarding South Carolina properties. If your signing is for a property based in SC, please note that an attorney MUST call in and be present during the signing appointment. Please keep your phone on and be available. If you don’t have their number listed in Special Instructions, please reach out to Precision Signing Agency and we will make sure you have it prior to your signing appointment. 
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As many of you already know, I was an LSA before I launched Precision Signing Agency into a nationwide loan signing service. As such, I have a unique understanding of your pain points, frustrations, and also why some signing services aren’t super fun to work with. Part of my mission with Precision is to raise the industry standard of base pay for our signing agents and the quality of service we provide to our clients and our LSAs. The better the quality of service we provide, the more clients we gain, and the more signings we have available for you.
Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements and training videos to come in the May 2022 PSA to our LSAs!
Cheers to a great April

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