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How Precision Signing Agency Can Assist in Fraud Mitigation

We’ve received several inquiries over the past few weeks from our existing clients about what we are doing here at Precision Signing Agency to mitigate fraud and how using our LSAs can reduce fraud during the loan signing process. So I wanted to take a moment to provide an overview of the benefits of using PSA exclusively (including those seller packages that you may be having your clients find their own notaries for):  

Benefits of Using PSA Exclusively for Remote Closings: 

  • Fraud Prevention – It’s no secret fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated with their tactics. With the rapid evolution of AI, the ability to impersonate another individual online has never been easier. In addition to strict in-person ID verification using a restricted list of non-expired photo IDs, we have also have had several situations where a borrower/seller does not have the mental capacity to comprehend the documents they are signing or maybe signing under duress. Our Loan Signing Agents are trained to identify these situations and immediately notify us and the attorney of the situation before proceeding. 


  • Record Keeping & Document Security – Precision Signing Agency keeps detailed records of all notarizations, including the date, time, location, and identification documents used. This helps provide a trail of evidence in case of fraudAll of these records are stored securely on our platform.  


  • Standardization – When you ask your clients to find their own notary, we’ve found it’s been a mixed bag and entirely dependent on the knowledge and organization of the buyer/seller as well as the notary. Sometimes it works out just fine. Other times the notary is unfamiliar with loan signing documentation, or the buyer/seller is either unable to find a notary or doesn’t understand the funding timelines leading to delays and mistakes that are unfortunately typically misdirected at the attorney, title company, or lender.  


  • Loan Signing Agents vs. Notaries – The barrier of entry to becoming a notary is low. An 8-hour online course at a community college is all that’s needed in NC. In other states, it’s even lower. Your average notary at UPS/FedEx/Bank may remember the rules they learned one time when they became a notary several years ago, but they have not been trained on residential loan packages nor how to highlight critical elements within the package so the signer is clear and comfortable. Our Loan Signing Agents (LSAs as you’ll frequently hear us reference them) are NNA Loan Signing Agent certified, have an up-to-date background check, have agreed to the Signing Professionals Workgroup Code of Conduct, and have experience specifically with residential and commercial loan packages. While they are prohibited from offering legal advice or recommendations, their knowledge of the loan signing package and process means they don’t just notarize without reviewing the content of the loan package. They are often the first to identify missing standard documents, inconsistencies in dates/counties/names, and situations where clarity is needed from the lender/attorney before proceeding. Simply put, these loans are often the single largest transaction in your borrower(s)/seller(s) life. It’s prudent to leverage a professional just like every other step in the loan process. 


  • Client Experience – From Amazon to grocery delivery, clients expect services to come to them without hassle. This is admittedly a tough one to quantify, but the client experience is critical for sustained business. Having bought and sold primary and investment homes ourselves, we all realize clients have already jumped through many hoops with lenders, realtors, home inspectors, appraisers, etc. By the time they reach the “clear to close” milestone, they just want to get the paperwork signed and move on without hassle. They are typically exhausted and have a low tolerance for any additional headaches. Having a professional loan signing agent meet them at a time and place of their convenience and walk them through the documentation goes a long way to assuring a good client experience. 


  • Quality Review – Not only are our Loan Signing Agents highly qualified and experienced, but we have a mandatory PSA review of all loan signing scan backs resulting in an error rate of less than 1%. This not only prevents funding delays and frustration by all parties involved but frees up your staff to work on other tasks rather than reviewing loan signing packages. 

As a reminder, PSA is a nationwide loan signing service. We’ve been able to curate an incredible network of 100,000+ loan signing agents across the country. We cover all 50 states – and can even assist with international closings via Remote Online Notarization (RON). In exciting news, we now offer PSA-facilitated RON closings nationwide via DocMagic and Notarize. Additional details and updates will be sent in a separate email later this month. In the interim, please feel free to check out our link here: PSA RON Transactions. 


Our expanded suite of services cover the needs of our real estate attorney, title, escrow, and lender partners. In addition to traditional loan packages (purchase, refinances, seller packages, commercial loans, HELOCs, deed signings, reverse mortgages, mobile/manufactured home closings) we also offer courthouse file runs. Our LSAs are more than happy to run to the courthouse and make copies and scan them back. Additionally, we also provide estate planning closings for those clients that can’t make it into your office. 

A few helpful reminders 

  • PSA offers title integration to the SigningOrder platform via TitleLoop. If you would like to place your orders directly through SoftPro, ResWare, Qualia, E-Closing, RamQuest, Title Desktop, or Closers Choice, we can assist you with the quick and easy integration. There is no extra charge for the integration (except for Qualia integrations via their marketplace). 


  • We have the ability to request witnesses from our LSAs. If the property is closing in a witness state, please make sure you communicate whether or not your borrowers/sellers are providing a witness or whether we need to request our LSA to provide one. Witness fees are $25 and passed on directly to our LSAs. 


  • We have a vast network of attorneys available for remote closings. If you are located outside of an attorney state and need an attorney to physically be present at a loan signing, please let us know and we can set up a specific “attorney required” order types under your client profile. 


  • Do you have new members to your team? Would you like a refresher on placing orders or an overview of Precision Signing Agency? We have a library of Loom training videos and slide deck resources available to you and your team anytime. Additionally, we are happy to schedule in person onboarding and continuing education sessions. 


  • Save the Rainforest! Our payment terms are NET 30 and our CFO, Trevor Fleck, provides a statement for the previous month at the beginning of the new month. Whenever possible, please feel free to issue ONE check OR send all of the checks for the previous month at the same time. You save on postage, shipping, and printing. We also accept ACH. If you are interested in setting up ACH, please email Trevor directly at 

Referrals, Reviews, and Reciprocity  


  • Referrals are the backbone of our business. If you have fellow real estate attorneys, title or escrow companies, lenders, or real estate agents looking for a stellar mobile notary service, I hope Precision Signing Agency is the one you’ll recommend without hesitation. 


  • Reviews, especially from our clients, are very valuable for us as we continue to grow. While our prospective clients love to know our LSAs love working for us, we also deeply appreciate reviews from our clients themselves. If you have the time and feel inclined to leave a review for us, please follow this link to: Leave a Google Review for PSA 


  • Reciprocity – at PSA, we believe wholeheartedly that our clients are our partners as we work toward a common goal. One of our Core Values is Service Before Self, with a commitment to doing what’s right, a focus on the signing experience, and showing appreciation and gratitude. If there is anything we can do as a company, or I can do individually, to help you or your team, know that I’m always open to feedback and knowledge sharing 

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and hope to be your exclusive choice for ALL of your transactions (if we aren’t already). 


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